House of Metal tickets

Tickets available now!

2-day tickets – 1265 SEK (incl. service fee & wardrobe)
1-day (Friday) – 720 SEK (incl. service fee & wardrobe)
1-day (Saturday) – 820 SEK (incl. service fee & wardrobe)

Schedule found here!

Note! You need to be at least 18 years old to attend. Visitors under age of 18 can only enter accompanied by an adult*.
*Adult = at least 25 years of age, sober and willing to take responsibility for the youth.
Children under the age of 13 cannot enter the festival due to loud music volumes.
Don’t forget to bring a valid photographic ID.

Buy your tickets here:



Tickets can also by bought at the front desk of Biljettcentrum, Umeå Folkets Hus.

Tickets will only be refunded if the festival is cancelled, not if individual artists cancel.