Freak Kitchen is a band from Gothenburg founded by innovative & unique guitar virtuoso Mattias ”IA Eklundh. Completing the line-up is drummer Björn Fryklund and bassist Christer Hysén. Freak Kitchen’s style of music is an original, yet identifiable mixture of heavy metal, progressive avant-garde and Indian carnatic influences, paired with catchy songwriting, baffling rhythm structures and adventurous tonalities that escape genre labelling. Having established a passionate, loyal and ever-growing fan base, the band is steadily touring all corners of the world, lighting up the crowds at small clubs as well as vast festival venues with nine studio albums in the bag.


The Swedish death metal legends Vomitory has since 1989 laid waste to stages all over the world and released eight successful albums before laying down their arms in 2013. In 2017 they reunited for one show at Summerbreeze Festival to honor an old friend. The band had such a good time playing again that the thought of future battles together started to grow like a seed in blood drenched soil. 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of Vomitory ‘s supreme death metal as they continue to celebrate since then by wreaking havok to stages all over the planet again. Death Metal Supremacy!


Thirteen years has passed since Umeå’s Bewitched stood on stage with their blackened form of speed/thrash/heavy metal. When the band finally gave some signs of life, House of Metal was obviously not hesitant in offering them a spot at the 2020-edition of the festival. For the uninitiated, the band was formed back in 1995 and has since then released five full length albums, as well as a couple of EPs and a live album. Among the members are experienced musicians that also can be found in bands such as Naglfar and others.


Burning Witches, founded in 2015, are not just one of the hottest exports from Switzerland. Well no, the Swiss girls are one of the most interesting newcomers in Old School Heavy Metal in the past years… worldwide! Burning Witches deliver powerful Heavy Metal, with influences from Power and Speed as well as traditional Metal. A sure recipe to get heads banging during this year’s festival.


Calling UK’s Onslaught a somewhat legendary Thrash Metal band is probably no understatement. Onslaught managed to release albums such as “Power from Hell” (1985), “The Force” (1986) and “In Search of Sanity” (1989) before the band called it quits. In 2005, however, original members Sy Keller (vocals) and Nige Rockett (guitar) decided to bring new life to the band. The new album “Killing Peace” (2007) and following albums have been well received by both old and new fans, as well as by the media. Prepare for a thrash metal attack with the power from hell!


Tradition, soul, coldness, stubbornness: this expresses the characteristics and trademarks of DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT, a band that has grown and matured in the course of its 22-year existence into a distinctive institution of German Black Metal. DNS deliver a primarily classic, raw sound in the tradition of the Scandinavian (especially Norwegian) bands of the early and mid-nineties like Immortal, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth. The band released their latest album, ”Mardom”, in April 2019 via War Anthem Records.


After a Decade of Decimating the UK, supporting the likes of Overkill, Sepultura, Exodus, Death Angel, Destruction, Voivod, Suicidal tendencies and many more, Shrapnel finally make the leap to mainland Europe at House of Metal Festival in Sweden. As well as riffs from the past 10 years Shrapnel will be unleashing new material from the upcoming 3rd album and raising hell in February 2020. See you in the pit Umeå!

♠ HOUSE OF METAL 2020 - 28-29 FEBRUARY ♠


Freak Kitchen från Göteborg är ett band som är svårt att sätta in i ett fack. De musikaliska influenserna skiljer sig inte bara åt från skiva till skiva utan även från låt till låt på bandets nio fullängdare sedan 1994. Så vilken video vi än postar här så gör det inte bandet full rättvisa utan vi rekommenderar er att gräva vidare.

Däremot så har bandet redan gästat House of Metal en gång tidigare, men då detta var under premiär-året 2007 så är det verkligen dags för en repris, med inte mindre än tre nya plattor i bagaget sedan dess.
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House of Metal - Skolgatan 59, 903 29 Umeå

Skolgatan 59, 903 29 Umeå