Swedish Thrash Metal band, The Haunted, is already familiar in the House of Metal context from when the band visited the festival during the 2009 and 2015 edition. Since the bands inception they have released nine full lengths and won the Swedish Grammy awards no less than twice in the category “Hard Rock of the Year”. With the band’s latest album “Strength in Numbers” (2017) in the luggage, it is once again time for this Melodic Thrash platoon to strike down on the Idun scene.









Necrophobic is one of the few Swedish bands that have sticked with their Blackened Death Metal since 1989 without losing their spark. With “Mark of the Necrogram” (2018) the band truly shows a magnificent display of how things should be done. The band visited the festival back in 2010 and is once again welcomed back, this time to the 13th edition of the festival.









Taake was founded in Bergen in 1993 and goes under the banner “True Norwegian Black Metal”. This is something that can be heard clearly in the band’s music, which after all the years still possesses the cold atmosphere from the early years of Norwegian black metal. The band’s album “Noregs Vaapen” (2011) was nominated for “Best Metal Album of 2011” in Norwegian Grammy “Spellemanns-prisen”. The band has been touring all over the world during the recent years and it has finally become time for the band’s first gig in northern Sweden.









Malakhim was formed in Umeå in 2015 and has since the start played black metal in honor of the forces of darkness. During 2015/2016 the band crafted a demo that was released on tape in 2017 and later on CD & LP by Iron Bonehead Productions. The band is currently recording their second EP.






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