Ross Friedman, better known as Ross The Boss, began his musical career in the early 1970’s as one of the founders of the punk band The Dictators. But in the world of Heavy Metal he is more famous as the co-founder of Manowar. A band where he participated right up to “Kings of Metal” (1988). In 2006 however, the band later named Ross The Boss was formed. A band that up to date has released three full length albums consisting of some quality Heavy/Power Metal. Ross & co. will perfom a Manowar-set at this years House of Metal, along with some later songs as well. So in other words, prepare yourself for a night in the sign of the hammer!


Sweden’s Clawfinger can be seen as one of the Scandinavian pioneers in the Crossover scene, with their mix of rap, nu metal and industrial metal. With hits like “Nigger”, “The Truth and” Do What I Say “, they’ve played on big stages around the world since the 90’s. Last time the band visited Umeå was in 1994 and now, almost 25 years later, it is time for the band to take upon the Idun-stage during this year’s festival.

TIAMAT (Sweden)

Tiamat visited House of Metal during the 2012 edition and is once again welcomed back to the Idun stage. This time, the band will perform two of its most classic albums, “Clouds” (1992) and “WildHoney” (1994), in their entirety. A concept that has been very well received by both old and new fans of the band.


As with The Haunted, At The Gates also attended the 2015 year edition of House of Metal. Trendsetters and predecessors of what became to be known as “Gothenburg Death Metal” or the “Gothenburg-sound”. The band now returns to the Idun stage with their new album “To Drink From The Night Itself” freshly out of the printers.


Swedish Thrash Metal band, The Haunted, is already familiar in the House of Metal context from when the band visited the festival during the 2009 and 2015 edition. Since the bands inception they have released nine full lengths and won the Swedish Grammy awards no less than twice in the category “Hard Rock of the Year”. With the band’s latest album “Strength in Numbers” (2017) in the luggage, it is once again time for this Melodic Thrash platoon to strike down on the Idun scene.


Necrophobic is one of the few Swedish bands that have sticked with their Blackened Death Metal since 1989 without losing their spark. With “Mark of the Necrogram” (2018) the band truly shows a magnificent display of how things should be done. The band visited the festival back in 2010 and is once again welcomed back, this time to the 13th edition of the festival.


Rotting Christ belong not only to Greece’s, but the entire black metal genres, old behemoths. With a start in 1985, transforming from grindcore to black metal, the band has already visited Umeå once back in 2007. This will however be the band’s first performance under the roof of House of Metal. A highly welcome back visit with their latest acclaimed album “Rituals” (2016) in the luggage. But also except other classics from the band’s long career during the evening.

TAAKE (Norway)

Taake was founded in Bergen in 1993 and goes under the banner “True Norwegian Black Metal”. This is something that can be heard clearly in the band’s music, which after all the years still possesses the cold atmosphere from the early years of Norwegian black metal. The band’s album “Noregs Vaapen” (2011) was nominated for “Best Metal Album of 2011” in Norwegian Grammy “Spellemanns-prisen”. The band has been touring all over the world during the recent years and it has finally become time for the band’s first gig in northern Sweden.

ATTIC (Germany)

Germany’s Attic belong to the new school of Old School Heavy Metal, but with a bit more modern sound. The influences from bands like King Diamond and Mercyful Fate are although more than apparent. Be sure not to miss this celebration to the 80’s during this year’s festival.

LIK (Sweden)

Over the last decade, there have been masses of bands wanting to keep the flame of Swedish old school death alive. LIK from Stockholm is one of the bands that has managed to do this in the finest way. And maybe not so strange considering band members with a past in bands like Kaamos, Grave, Repugnant, Bloodbath etc. LIK have put out two full lengths, and with their latest effort “Carnage” (2018) they display HM-2 death on a world-class level.


Umeå’s own Persuader have finally once again kicked some life in the melodious metal-corpse. Since the early 2000’s, the band has released four full-lengths consisting of Power/Thrash metal . Album number five is under full recording, scheduled to be released in 2019. Right in time for this year’s House of Metal the band will release a new single/video. Also new blood is flowing in the setting with Nocturnal Rites acquaintance Fredrik Mannberg, as a permanent member in the band.


Malakhim was formed in Umeå in 2015 and has since the start played black metal in honor of the forces of darkness. During 2015/2016 the band crafted a demo that was released on tape in 2017 and later on CD & LP by Iron Bonehead Productions. The band is currently recording their second EP.

SADAUK (Sweden)

Sadauk from Stockholm started their career in 1996 and released a first demo “Theater of War” in 1997. However, it would be take 10 years before the band released their debut album “A New Dawn” (2017). Genre-wise, Sadauk is melodic metal with gothic elements, containing both a female and male singer.


Devil’s Force was started to bring together the elements of 80’s Speed- & Heavy Metal with 90’s Melodic Death- and Black Metal. Formed as a solo-project by its creative force Pierre Törnkvist (Helltrain, The Everdawn, Scheitan, The Moaning etc.). The live line-up also includes Jakob Björnfot (The Duskfall/ lead guitar), Sebastian Lindgren (The Duskfall/drums) and Markus Parkkila (Venegence/bass).