Canadian rock trio Danko Jones visited House of Metal back in 2009. We think that’s way too long between visits and have therefore invited these charismatic gentlemen to once again tear the roof. The band’s energetic sound attracts listeners from different genres such as rockers / metalheads / punks, etc. With no less than 8 full-length albums below the belt, and this years release “Wild Cat”, you can expect a furious drive on the Idun stage!


They are highly awaited and we are incredibly pleased to welcome NOCTURNAL RITES back to the House of Metal 2018!
Nocturnal Rites has signed with German AFM-records and are releasing their ninth and much awaited studio album “Phoenix” on September 29th! The three already released songs “Before We Waste Away”, “A Heart As Black As Coal” and “Repent My Sins” have gone down very well with their fans. With the new addition Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) they’re ready to crush Idun!


For more than 26 years the warriors of UNLEASHED have been the ultimate embodiment of Death Metal and are seen as founding fathers of the Viking-Death-Metal movement as well. Without ever having compromised in the slightest they managed to unite the spirit of the viking tradition with the grandeur of purest Death Metal. The band performed at the second installment of House of Metal back in 2008 so it’s about time to invite the band to the north once more.

HULKOFF (Sweden)

Pär Hulkoff is in House of Metal context no newcomer since he and RAUBTIER have visited the festival’s Idun-stage no less than twice during the recent years. This year, the Haparanda-son returns once more, but this time with HULKOFF. The debut album, “Kven” is released in November this year.

VANHELGD (Sverige)

Swedish VANHELGD combines death and black with a dose of doom. The roots are in the early 90’s without being a retro-band. Instead, the band has given its own expression, since its inception and the 2016 “Temple of Phobos”, placed high on the annual top-lists (“Album of the Year” in the Close-Up Magazine, place no. 2 in Aftonbladet and No. 7 in Sweden Rock).


DEAD KOSMONAUT is a Swedish metal project with Mattias Reinholdsson as the sole songwriter and bassist. With him in the band he’s got people like Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Firespawn) on guitar and Pelle Gustafsson (Nifelheim) on vocals. The band’s doomy Heavy Metal sound is inspired by greats such as Dio/Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Candlemass.

ASAGRAUM (Netherlands/Norway)

ASAGRAUM is a cross-continental entity, founded in the autumn of 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Obscura and drummer Trish Kolsvart, to create pure Satanic black metal with the old-school feeling of the eternal 90’s greats but also with dark psychedelic influences. Their debut album ‘Potestas Magicum Diaboli’ was recorded, mixed at the Swedish Necromorbus Studio and released by KVLT records in September 2017.


DREADFUL FATE is a raucous ‘n’ ripping blast of classic Teutonic thrash. Whether you want to call it “blackthrash” or “early Sodom worship” or whatever, it matters not to Dreadful Fate: these four not-so-gentlemen – Bestial on vocals, Total Destruction on bass, Death Ripper on guitars, and Corpse Skelethor on drums – may obscure their identities, but they certainly don’t obscure their intent to raze souls for Hell’s rock ‘n’ roll. Debut album will be recorded January 2018, and to be release in March/April through IRON FIST PRODUCTIONS.